Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doing Things Simultaneously

What will you do if you are being ask to do things almost simultaneously?
Well, as for me there is no such thing as doing it simultaneously.. But there is a thing of doing it one at a time..
 If you are to eat and to drink water, can you do it simultaneously? Or you will grab the spoon and eat and then drink. If you make that two things simultaneously, oh no get ready to clean your mess..

Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Deal with Your Neighbor

Neighbor... What do you mean by that? Well, neighbor is not just a person or a people whom you have beside your house. a neighbor can also be the same person that you have in your house. Example is that if your living in an apartment with someone you don't even know but you need to stay there and place yourselves as a total strangers to each other. At first it is really hard to communicate with the person that you don't even know specially his/her attitude.. And as the time went by you just realize that this person is good or realizing that this person is not too good to be your friend. Well friends the choice is yours, don't always say that "I have no choice" but to stay in this house and continue to be with this kind of person. If you agree "Life is a choice" and you have always a choice to do what is good for you than to stuck on certain things just because you afraid to give a choice a try for yourself.. And so if you are in that situation right now, you must be thinking what will happen to my life? Friends, don't be afraid to make a decision because if you do, that one thing is for sure you are on your way to freedom. May God bless you always..